Monday, February 22, 2021

The Adventurers:1# Present party

  My sister Flora came into my room, I asked her why she was in my room. She said "Nothing"and went away. Then I said in my head that if I don't get her a present for her birthday she will be sad. I went online shopping on my laptop and none of the things were right for her. Then I got a idea, I went off my laptop and took some paper, scissors, cardboard, and glue. Then I got to work, I cut and glued then I put the cardboard on top of the paper, finally the scrapbook for Flora was done!But it did't look that good. I did't care I just warped it up.Then Flora came into my room and said "Mira  can you help me with this math problem"?"Okay" I said "What is it" ? "It is 59+30" I  said "Well first look at the ones place 59 has 9 in its ones place 30 has 0 in its ones place 0 is nothing so you put nine in the bottom then look at the tens place 59 has 5.  30 has 3, 5+3=8 so the answer is 89". "Thank you" Flora said then she left my room. 

I forgot to tell you that after I finished the scrapbook for Flora, I fell asleep. Then someone  knocked  on my door, I woke up and opened the door, it was Flora. She said "Mira, can you read a book outside to me"? I said "yes" Then I took out a book and went outside with Flora and sat in the chair at the porch then a gust of wind swept up the book with me and Flora holding to me. But then Flora lost grip and almost fell, luckily she caught my leg and climbed on to my back. Then the wind stopped and we fell into a forest.We did't hurt ourselves because we fell into trees. I climbed out of the tree and Flora climbed out of the tree she fell in. She said "Mira why are we in a forest?" I said "I have no idea." Flora said "Lets pick flowers"we started to pick pretty flowers, and normal flowers.Then we held onto the book hoping that the wind will come again.The wind did come back and it picked us up it stopped when we reached our house we fell in  the two trees in front of our house and climbed down with the book but there was only one more day till Flora's birthday and I still did't find a perfect present for Flora but it was almost time to sleep our parents were still at work so we played till they came back when they came back our mom made dinner we ate brushed and went to sleep the next day I figured out that presents don't need to be perfect at Flora's birthday party I gave her my present and she loved it!

                                                                          THE END

                                                                                                             By Khyati 2nd Grade

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